Are you ready to weather the storm of abusive supervision at work?

Are you ready to weather the storm of abusive supervision at work?

Our latest study explores the interplay between emotional abilities and motives and how they can help employees navigate rough waters and stay afloat.

Using cross-sectional data from French-speaking employees across various sectors, we examined the impact of abusive supervision on ethical work-related behaviors and affective experiences toward supervisors.

Our findings confirm the disastrous consequences of abusive supervisors for employees’ well-being and sustainable organizations.

Thus, we highlight emotional expertise, combining abilities and motives, as essential in mediating the relationship between abusive supervision and unethical reactions, mainly through forgiveness toward the supervisor.

Additionally, we identified a three-way interaction between supervisory perceptions, emotional abilities, and affect regulation motives, emphasizing the importance of broadening emotional expertise when understanding the effects of abusive supervision on employee outcomes.

Our study’s results offer valuable insights into developing strategies to promote positive supervision practices in the workplace.

Join us at the International Conference in NEOMA BS in Reims, from April 13th to 14th, for our presentation on Leadership and Positive Change in Organizations, organized by Dr. Urszula Łagowska and Dr. Birgit Schyns.

So, if you want to learn more about how emotional expertise can mitigate the impact of abusive supervision and promote ethical behaviors in the workplace, check out our study, and let’s meet at the conference.

Let’s guide through the stormy waters of abusive supervision together and come out stronger than ever to defeat it!

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David Hampton-Musseau 
University of Toulouse Capitole
Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Behavior

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