✳️ A “sociality of emotions” not just individual but also socially constructed experiences influenced by the environment


📚 Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

Those words were brought to life through the inspiring work of Urszula ŁagowskaBirgit Schyns, and the entire staff of Neoma, who organized this exceptional conference, Leadership and Positive Change in Organisations.

I am grateful to these remarkable individuals and all the exceptional attendees for their kindness and support 🙏

The event brought together scholars from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultural approaches, successfully gathering experts from various fields.

Everyone’s involved dedication and benevolence created an atmosphere where we could share our knowledge, ideas, and research findings.

Witnessing so many brilliant minds come together, each with unique perspectives and insights, was a genuinely inspiring experience for me.

Throughout the conference, we engaged in stimulating discussions, challenged each other’s assumptions, and explored new avenues of inquiry.

In addition, we learned from each other through formal presentations, panel discussions, and informal conversations during coffee breaks…

✳️ A “sociality of emotions” that is not just individual but also socially constructed experiences influenced by the environment.

✴️ As I tried to present, our emotions are shaped by social norms, cultural beliefs, and interpersonal relationships.

✴️ These factors interact with individual biological and psychological processes to create our affective experience.

This conference was a powerful testament to the importance of collaboration and fostering a supportive and inclusive academic community.

Thank you for an unforgettable conference experience 🙏

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